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Impression & Bite Registration with Multi Use Coping

Dr. Na, Kiwon

Yeonsu Seoul Dental Clinic

Fig. 1.

A 53 years old male patient was showing for mobility of #15, #17 and root caries of #46.

Fig. 2a-b.

Pre-op clinical views. There were old prostheses on upper(a) and lower(b).

Fig. 3a-b.

Post-op clinical views. After SQ Implants placement, connect Cover Screws to upper(a) and Healing Abutments to lower(b).

Fig. 4.

Post-op panorama.

Fig. 5a-b.

Post-op 5 months.

Fig. 6a-b.

Multi Use Copings were connected into #15, #16, #46, #47 using Multi Use Holder.

Fig. 7a-b.

Connect Bite Caps to Multi Use Copings(a), and bite registration with Pattern Resin(b).

Fig. 8a-b.

Connect Impression Caps to Multi Use Copings.

Fig. 9a-b.

Inject Light-body around Multi Use Copings and Impression Caps.

Fig. 10a-b.

Multi Use Copings removed from intraoral were connected with Lab Analogs(a), and transferred to the Impression Caps picked up with the impression body.

Fig. 11a-b.

Impression taking and bite registration with Multi Use Coping.

Fig. 12a-b.

Upper lateral(a) and occlusal(b) view of final restorations.

Fig. 13a-b.

Lower lateral(a) and occlusal(b) view of final restorations.

Fig. 14.

Post-op 6 month panorama.

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