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Global Dental Implant Academy

Course Schedule

By Location

Oregon & Washington State

Seattle, WA

Total Sinus (August 24) Type: Lecture & Hands-On

Basic Course (October 4-5 & 18-19) Type: Lecture, Hands-On & Live Surgery

All on X Meeting (September 20-21) Type: Lecture, Hands-On & Live Surgery

Portland, OR

Northern California

Pleasanton, CA

Mini Implant (August 24) Type: Lecture

Implant Complication (August 31) Type: Lecture

Crestal / Lateral Sinus (September 6-7) Type: Lecture

Regenerating Bone Graft (November 1-2) Type: Lecture & Handson

Basic Course ( December 6-7, 13-14) Type: Lecture, Hands-On & Live Surgery

Southern California

Cypress, CA

Implant Comparison Study Club(August 10) Type: Lecture

Basic Implant for General Dentist (October 25 & 26) Type: Lecture & Hands-on


Fort Lee, NJ

Mexico Course (Live Patient Surgery)

Tijuana, Mexico

GDIA 101/201/301( Sept. 11-14) Type: Lecture , Hands-On & Live Patient Surgery

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Course (Nov. 20-24) Type: Lecture, Hands-On & Live Patient Surgery

Any Inquires of 2024 courses or more?


Call (323) 617-4141 or E-mail [email protected] for additional information.
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