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About us


The mission of Global Dental Implant Academy (GDIA) is to advance the field of implant dentistry by providing quality education and training to the dedicated clinicians who yearn to become the most distinguished dental professional.


Global Dental Implant Academy (GDIA) is committed to achieving this goal through sharing of resources, scientific and clinical knowledge, and collegiality through clinicians, academics, and the dental industry, both locally and globally. The Academy provides our participating student doctors, personalized instructions, and the opportunity to broaden their clinical practices by incorporating surgical and restorative aspects of dental implantology.
With this said, Global Dental Implant Academy (GDIA) provides clinical training courses, study club, one-on-one mentorship, hands-on workshops including live-patient surgical training, international symposiums, and research opportunities with leading clinicians from the U.S., Europe, South America, and Asia.


GDIA Global Organization, or simply GDIA, will represent the coalition of a number of GDIA Regional Organization. Since the successful launching and operation of Global Dental Implant Academy in the United States (GDIA USA), there has been a strong desire to replicate this model to a number of regions across the globe. To date, GDIA Regional Organizations have been officially formed in Mexico, and in Egypt, with the founding regional directors, Dr. Marco Tulio Alzaga Vega (GDIA Mexico), and Professor Amr H. Elkhadem (GDIA Egypt). Our vision is to be able to form as many GDIA Regional Organizations together with the cooperation DENTIS Co., LTD (DENTIS).
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A unique relationship with a leading dental implant manufacturer, DENTIS™

GDIA forged a close relationship with a Korean dental implant manufacturer, DENTIS Co. Ltd., which has their products distributed to over 30 countries. This relationship is vital in that the two organizations share knowledge on cutting edge developments in the implant field, and in understanding the utilization pattern of dental implants and related products from practicing clinicians’ point of view. While GDIA pursues the emphasis of academic understanding to dental clinicians all around the world, DENTIS™ seeks to provide the highest quality of dental implant solutions through research, product developments, and appropriate feedback from the GDIA-affiliated clinicians.
About Dentis

A Medical Solution Company

Our mission is to develop medical solutions that improve the quality of life for humanity.

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