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Lower left posterior OneQ-SL implant placement with autogenous bone graft using SIMPLE GUIDE

Prof. Moon, Seong-yong

Chosun University Dental Hospital

Fig. 1.

Pre-op clinical view. 41 years old female patient visited for implant consultation.

Fig. 2.

Pre-op panorama. The lower left bone and teeth were severely damaged following surgery to re-move the tumor.

Fig. 3.

Implant placement simulation and SIMPLE GUIDE was planned by BlueSkyBio Software.

Fig. 4.

SIMPLE GUIDE was fabricated by SLA 3D printer, ZENITH U.

Fig. 5a-b.

Pilot drilling was done by SIMPLE GUIDE KIT(a). Final drilling was done by OneQ surgical KIT(b).

Fig. 6.

OneQ-SL implants were placed on #33, #34(Ø4.2 x 10mm), #35, #36(Ø4.7x10mm).

Fig. 7a-b.

The autogenous bone graft(a) and PRF application(b).

Fig. 8.

Suture was done.

Fig. 9.

Post-op panorama.

Fig. 10a-b.

Post-op 4 months. 2nd surgery was done(a). Healing Abutments and Louis ButtonⅡ were connected(b).

Fig. 11.

Post-op 4 months panorama.

Fig. 12a-b.

Post-op 10 months. Customized abutments(a) and provisional prosthesis(b) were delivered.

Fig. 13.

1 year after implant placement, Final prosthesis was delivered.

Fig. 14a-b.

Radiography of #33, #34(a), #35, #36(b) Final prosthesis.

Fig. 15.

Post-op 1.6 years clinical view.

Fig. 16.

Post-op 1.6 years panorama was normal.

Fig. 17a-b.

Post-op 2.4 years clinical(a) and panoramic(b) view. There was no abnormal sign.

Fig. 18.

Post-op 2.9 years clinical view.

Fig. 19a-b.

Post-op 2.9 years radiography of #33, #34(a), #35, #36(b). There was no change in bone around fixtures.

Fig. 20.

Post-op 3.4 years clinical view.

Fig. 21a-b.

Post-op 3.4 years periapical X-ray of #33, #34(a), #35, #36(b). There was no significant abnormality.

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Prof. Moon, Seongyong in Chosun University Dental Hospital.
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and the right of use belongs to DENTIS Co., Ltd and GDIA.

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