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Crestal Lateral Sinus @NorCal

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Beginning, intermediate, and experienced implant practitioners often recognize that insufficient bone height exists to place even short implants.  Defaulting to traditional modalities of care such as distal extension partials or long span bridges may not give our patients the best function and health. There are several methods to manage bone height from using ultra-short implants to restoring lost bone volume by crestal (internal) or lateral (external) sinus augmentation methods. With good understanding of sinus anatomy and explanation of clear procedure steps, even beginner dentists can successfully create bone. Let me share my 20 years of sinus experience so you can help your patients feel complete and comfortable. The following subjects will be covered:

  • Understanding of sinus anatomy-gross and microscopic
  • Identifying medically good candidates
  • Traditional methods of sinus management and how to perform
  • Modern methods of sinus management and how to perform
  • Understanding lateral wall sinus augmentation and when it is appropriate
  • Troubleshooting complications especially sinus membrane perforation


Call (323) 617-4141 or E-mail [email protected] for additional information.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Refunds are granted only if a written cancellation notification is received within 31 days before the course. 50% of the tuition minus processing fee will be refunded if cancellation occurs within 21 days before this course. No refund is granted afterwards. A $75 fee is withheld for processing. Cancellation must be notified in writing by emailing [email protected].


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