CEUs and COAs are provided at the end of each course. COCs are not issued at an One day event or GDIA Clinical Case Study Club events. All COAs will be issued at the completion of each event. If you have misplaced the COA, please e-mail to re-issue COA. However, COCs cannot be re-issued when misplaced.
CEUs provided by Global Dental Implant Academy (GDIA) are approved by most of the state dental boards in the United States. However, all dental professionals are highly encouraged to check with their state dental board and confirm required hours of CEUs for license renewal.
  1. Register online or download and complete the “Course Registration Form” (also available online) and submit through website, e-mail, or fax.
  2. Make payment according to the program tuition through online, e-mail, or fax.
  3. Registration confirmation email will be sent.
  4. Automated payment confirmation email will be sent after the payment.
  5. E-mail will be sent from GDIA staff for follow-up to fill missing information.
  6. Additional requirements may be found under “program details” in each Course section
There are no prerequisites for all programs. Please consult with our faculty in the “Forum” page to evaluate if the course curriculum matches with the education you wish to acquire.


You will need to be logged in to access the quiz section (registration information may be found under the “General Question” of FAQ section) After viewing a “Live Webinar” or “On Demand Live”, you may take a quiz for self-assessment. You need to pass the quiz to proceed. To pass the quiz, you need to correctly answer at least 75% of the questions. After passing the quiz, print the Certificate of Attendance (COA) to acquire CEUs. You may submit CEUs to local Dental Boards to add required hours to your license renewal requirement.
To access “Live Webinar” or “On Demand Live” from a tablet or mobile device, please download the Adobe Connect mobile app from the app store. Apple devices : Android devices : When the “Live Webinar” is live, go to the website page and press the “watch webinar” button to launch on a tablet or mobile device.
For visitors, you need to retake the quiz and pass to re-issue CEUs. For members, you may login as a member, go to “Customer Account” to view “CEU history”, and click “Print CEU” next to the program in order to re-issue CEUs.
To register for a Live Webinar, please login as a “Visitor” or a “GDIA Member”. Go to the webinar page to register and check to see if you have received a confirmation email through your email account. “On Demand Live” does not need registration, you may just click to watch the video.
You can receive CEUs from watching “Live Webinar” or “On Demand Live”.


To access the “Customer Account” page, you need to login and find the “Customer Account” button, located on the right of the topbar, to access the “Customer Account” page.
To update your contact information, please visit “Customer Account” and update contact information. Keeping the contact information up-to-date is very important because the CEUs are only valid with your correct information.
To change your login information, please visit your “Customer Account (/Setting)” page to find login information. Type in your email or password and press “Update” to confirm. You will receive a confirmation email once you have pressed the “Update” button.


There are two possible solutions to make a payment through the website:
    1. You may make a payment online through our website by creating a Paypal account or;
    2. Download and fill out a “course registration form” and send it over to


You can join online at any time on our secure site, or you can call the GDIA Department at (323) 617-4141.
Membership is open to all dental licensed clinicians.
$345 for Annual membership fee and renewal fee; $350 for ICOI annual membership fee and renewal fee; $100 for Pre-doctoral or Graduate Students; * All prices are listed and must be paid in U.S. dollars.
GDIA membership is valid for one year, and all membership benefits begin the month following the receipt of application and payment. It continues on for twelve months.
GDIA membership renewal notices are sent through email 60 days prior to the expiration date.